Beto O’Rourke Proposes Universal Healthcare, Paid Family Leave And Debt-Free Education During Carroll Campaign Stop

As one of the first big names in the ever-growing pool of 2020 Presidential candidates made his way into Carroll this (Thursday) morning, those gathering were hopeful they would get answers to vital questions. Lynne Genter of Rockwell City says she came to Kerp’s Tavern to meet former Texas Congressman, Beto O’Rourke, as he swings through the state this week. When it comes to issues facing Iowans, Genter says she is scrutinizing all Democratic candidates for their standing on basic rights.

She asked O’Rourke directly about one of the most polarizing debates across the nation, pro-life or pro-choice and access to women’s reproductive healthcare. O’Rourke says he has seen first-hand in his home state the results of the closing down of more than a quarter of the family planning clinics. He says this does not just impact reproductive health, but it also means there are less outlets for cervical cancer screenings or other preventative care. But, he says it goes beyond Roe vs. Wade, the law of the land since 1973, it goes to the need for universal, guaranteed, high-quality healthcare.

O’Rourke also covered in broad-sweeping strokes his plans for economic reform—one person/one job and enough income for an individual to support themselves. Paid family leave for people to be able to care for loved ones, keep their lights on and know their job will be there when they come back, and for and an education system that offers the same opportunities for wealth and the American dream to every single citizen, no matter their color or race. Most of those present approved of the ideas and lauded the premise. The real question, however, is how will O’Rourke plan on funding these ideas into reality? He says they can begin by reversing the worst of the Trump tax cuts—nearly $2 trillion he says. He says we don’t need to go all the way back to 35 percent, but somewhere in the mid-twenties instead.

He also talked of cutting the country’s military presence and funding.

O’Rourke adds we cannot continue to deficit spend. He says more responsible fiscal management that is investing in people and communities instead of corporations and the already wealthy is our best path. O’Rourke tackled other hot-button topics, including climate change, immigration and caring for our elderly. Carroll Broadcasting will bring you more from his Thursday morning campaign stop in upcoming broadcasts. Video of O’Rourke’s visit can also be found through the link below.