Audubon County Attorney Says She Cannot Prosecute In Recent Animal Neglect Case

After finding no legal grounds to prosecute an Audubon County pet owner who had 13 neglected dogs removed from their property late last month, Audubon County Attorney, Sarah Jennings, is calling for area residents to remember the Exira 13 and speak out about the lack of protection for Iowa’s animals when the state’s legislative session reconvenes. On June 25, the Animal Rescue League of Iowa (ARL) took custody of the 13 neglected dogs from a property in Exira. The animals were living in a muddy-tarp covered dog run, some in need of serious medical care. Jennings says she has been following up on the animals, speaking with the ARL’s veterinarian, Dr. Cates, at the Des Moines shelter about her concerns with the limits of Iowa’s current laws. Jennings says the only way to bring charges against the animals’ owner is to show deprivation of food, water and shelter, to which Dr. Cates could not testify. Although there is no case in this situation, Jennings points to one of the animals who is missing hair and has a skin infection so bad that it is leaking pus saying, “This dog would’ve been in unbearable pain, not  to mention having no protection from the elements without fur or healthy skin. Allowing a dog to reach this point is not a crime under Iowa law.” She adds that this fact should infuriate all Iowans and that she wants to see the Exira 13 and the people of Audubon County “be the tipping point that finally pushes the senate to make this long overdue change.”