Attendees At Biden’s Manning Rally Provide Pre- And Post-Event Commentary

Photo (l to r): Kristin, Jay and Eli Dreyer and Bowe Kinkade


Democratic presidential candidate and former Vice President, Joe Biden, introduced his plan for rural America to about 250 people in Manning Tuesday. Those gathered at the Manning Hausbarn Konferenz Centre included area residents who were supporters and anxious to hear how Biden’s initiatives would have an impact at home and abroad. Prior to Biden’s speech, long-time IKM-Manning school teacher, Kristin Dreyer, said she not only thinks it is important to attend events like this, she also is vested in supporting someone who will take the steps necessary to shore up the rural economy. She and her husband, Jay, thought it important to bring their son, Eli, to the event as well.

Part of Biden’s plan addressed rural economic support for children, like Eli, to have the resources and infrastructure available to them so they can compete in business while remaining in the rural areas of the state to raise their families. Dryer was also hopeful that education would be at the forefront, saying teaching is a lot different than it was 20 years ago and needs have drastically changed. On the other side of the spectrum, local business owner, Bowe Kinkade, attended, wearing a Trump/Pence ‘20 baseball cap. Kinkade said he has been trying to get to the rallies for candidates passing through the area, and so far said he has not yet heard one very important piece of the puzzle in all the proposals.

Kinkade said Biden talked about building the middle class, but he believes they always take the tax money from the middle class. Kinkade wanted to know how we can grow if we have to keep financing it all. Kinkade owns a trucking company and said his support will remain with the candidate who is largely responsible for his business still being viable.

A video of Biden’s remarks from Tuesday’s event can be found on our Facebook page. More details about the content of his plan for rural America can be found in previous stories on our website.