Senator Grassley Endorses Congressman Steve King In Tight Fourth District Race

Late Monday, Iowa Senator, Chuck Grassley, released a video statement in support of District Four Congressman, Steve King. Grassley says, “Iowa needs Steve King in Congress. I also need Steve King in Congress.” He goes on to say that without the help of King, Iowa would not be the number one ethanol state in the nation, with his district being the strongest in the country. He says he has also been a staunch supporter in the growth of all forms of alternative energy, pro-life legislation, in drafting a farm bill that is beneficial to the people of the state and in promoting tax cuts and a strong military. “I feel like I do a good job of representing Iowans,” Grassley says. “And so often, I have found Steve King to be such an ally, an ally that I need in the other body called the House of Representatives.” King has come under recent scrutiny for racial and immigration-related comments and has found himself in a tight race for the district seat with Democratic opponent, JD Scholten. The video statement is available below