Record Number Of Farmers Participating In Water Quality Cost-Share Program

More than 2,800 farmers from all 99 counties have signed up to try cover crops, no-till/strip-till or nitrification inhibitor on more than 300,000 acres as a part of Iowa’s water quality initiative cost-share program. Iowa Secretary of Agriculture, Mike Naig, says the state will provide more than $5 million in cost-share funds to match the estimated $9.1 million investment by these farmers. “We continue to see growing interest by farmers in using water quality-focused practices on their farm,” Naig says. “Together, we are building a culture of conservation across the state and it is encouraging to see farmers continuing to invest in the practices.” More than 1,000 of the farmers are implementing one of the practices for the first time and will receive $25 per acre for cover crops, $10 per acre for no- or strip-till and $3 per acre for using a nitrification inhibitor while applying fall fertilizer. Farmers that had already implemented any of these practices are eligible to receive $15 per acre in the cost-share program, up to a maximum of 160 acres. Sign-up is closed for this year, but farmers are encouraged to reach out to their local Soil and Water Conservation District office as other programs may still be available to begin implementing water-quality practices—such as a crop insurance premium reduction incentive. More information can be found by following the link included below.