Poll Released Early This Week Shows Congressman King With 18 Percent Lead Over Democratic Challenger, JD Scholten

A national political polling agency, WPA Intelligence, has reported an 18-point advantage of ballot shares for incumbent Republican Fourth District Congressman, Steve King. King for Congress released the numbers, showing King holding an estimated 52 percent of likely general election voter support over Democratic challenger, JD Scholten, who is reported to hold 34 percent. The latest polling data has 11 percent of voters undecided and roughly three percent who are supporting a third-party candidate. King for Congress has distributed a release saying, “Iowa voters are overwhelmingly choosing to stick with Congressman Steve King’s proven leadership and they are rejecting his opponent’s nasty, desperate and dishonest attacks funded by San Francisco liberals.” These poll numbers are dated Monday, however, there is a possibility that they could change with Tuesday’s announcement that some backers and donors are questioning King’s extreme views on race and immigration.