Not Everyone Is Who They Seem On Social Media–Learn More About It At Special Teletown Hall

Even while Iowa Attorney General, Tom Miller, is warning Iowans about scams and imposter social media accounts, there is a fake one circulating on Facebook bearing his name. Miller says that it is estimated that two to three percent of Facebook accounts, as many as 60 million, are fakes. The scammers pretending to be Tom Miller are sending messages offering consumers funds through a grant. The catch? To apply, users are asked to send personal information and even make payments to the imposter to cover taxes, processing fees or other made-up charges. These types of scams are going to be featured in a special AARP Iowa statewide teletown hall at 10 a.m. on Monday, May 14. “Don’t Be Fooled by Imposter Scams” will feature Iowa Attorney General, Tom Miller, and AARP Iowa State Director, Kent Sovern. The call will highlight the types of scams most popular right now, ways to identify the scams and it will address any questions or concerns as well as provide resources and tools to help prevent becoming a victim. Details on how to participate in the teletown hall can be found here.


To participate:

          Call: 866-757-0607

          Or watch via livestream at: