Nearly $4.5 Million Available For Transportation Projects Through Region XII

Region XII Council of Governments has announced the availability of about $4,000,000 in regional Surface Transportation Block Grant funds (STBG). The grants are made available to the cities and counties in Region XII that encompasses Carroll, Audubon, Crawford, Greene, Guthrie and Sac Counties. Eligible projects include roadway construction and reconstruction, operational improvements, safety programs and traffic management control.  The money can also be used to support transit or ride-share projects. Roadways must be classified as a major collector or higher on the federal functional classification system.  There is also an additional $400,000 available for Region XII Transportation Alternatives projects. These can include trails, highway turnouts, overlooks, safe routes to schools and historic preservation of transportation-related structures. Funds may not be available until federal fiscal year 2020 or later, depending on the amount requested. For both funding opportunities, the sponsoring governmental agency must provide at least 20 percent of the total project cost. Applications will be accepted now until 4 p.m. Feb. 1, 2019. More information and applications can be found by following the link included below.


Link to resources for both funding opportunities: