Lt. Gov. Adam Gregg Says Manning Is A Must-See Community For Those Wanting To Learn How To Do The Right Things The Right Way

Iowa’s Lt. Gov., Adam Gregg, walked into the Market Place in Manning, exclaiming that this looks like Chip and Joanna’s place in Texas. Owner, Jaime England, was one of a contingent of local city leaders that welcomed Gregg to Manning, which he says has been on his list of must-see communities across the state for a while now.

Gregg is on his way to an export awards conference in Sheldon and says he is very interested in learning more about what is happening in Manning. He is excited about the rural Iowa initiative he is leading, and having grown up in a small town, Gregg is passionate about learning the many different ways communities are doing the right things in the right ways.

One of the topics of conversation identified by Mayor, Harvey Dales, and community advocate, Ron Reischl, is the legislative’s discussion of phasing out the Tax Increment Financing (TIF) program. Lt. Gov. Gregg says that it seems like every year there is talk about how the TIF process can be reformed and improved.

He adds they want to make sure that communities have these types of resources at their availability to improve, and that TIF is one of those tools in that toolbox. Lt. Gregg was escorted throughout the community on a walking and driving tour to see the historic Main Street, the Hausbarn and the new Trestle Park before he departed for his engagement in Sheldon.