Loring To Receive Quality And Safety Award

Loring Hospital in Sac City will be awarded the Iowa Healthcare Collaborative (IHC) 2018 Quality and Safety Award. The award recognizes outstanding leadership and achievement in quality and safety demonstrated by healthcare providers and organizations. Loring staff focused on Bedside Shift Reporting involving the family, updating whiteboards in patient rooms and using teach-back. Purposeful rounding then became the team’s quality project for 2016/17. A committee of RNs, LPNs, CNAs and ward clerks began research and put a plan in place to improve consistent rounding, for every patient, every time. All of these measures have resulted in a patient satisfaction increase from 80 percent to 86 percent. “Bedside Shift Reporting and improvements to our rounding process have proven to be beneficial to our patients, families and staff,” says Kara Wellington, a Loring nurse manager. “We are excited about our outcomes and will continue our journey of continually providing exceptional healthcare,” she adds. Members of the Loring nursing staff will be presented the award at the Patient Safety Conference in Ankeny on March 6.