Landus Cooperative Announces Major Additions To Grain Collection And Storage Site In Story County

Landus Cooperative has begun construction on a $13.7 million grain collection and storage site near Collins in Story County. The 15-acre site on Highway 65, one mile south of Collins, will add 2.2 million bushels of storage in three new 105-foot diameter bins to the existing bunker capacity. It will also include two 27-foot long receiving pits and 40,000 bushel-per-hour receiving legs, which will accommodate a triple axel grain trailer and allow both hoppers to dump at the same time. “This grain site was designed with the farmer’s future needs in mind,” says CEO, Milan Kucerak. “Building a site with tremendous receiving ability to get our farmers quickly back to the field at harvest was the number one priority for our members in Story County,” Kucerak adds. Members will also see separate inbound and outbound scales, automated loadout and a new office building. The project is expected to be completed in time for harvest.