Iowans File For More Than $11 Million In Refunds In Western Union Scam Settlement

In total, Iowans who had lost money to scammers through Western Union have applied for more than $11.2 million in refunds in the national settlement with the company. More than 2,135 claims were processed, including one from an Iowa couple who lost $500,000 of their retirement savings and several others who lost tens of thousands of dollars. The victims reportedly wired the money to scammers who promised romance, international sweepstakes winnings and large inheritances from foreign countries, among many others. Victims were eligible if they wired money through Western Union between Jan. 1, 2004 and Jan. 19, 2017. “Iowans continue to fall prey to scammers and use wire transfers, and we will help you recover money you’re entitled to,” says Iowa Attorney General, Tom Miller. Western Union has admitted they knew of the fraudulent activity, but failed to act against its agents who either were involved in the transactions or helped facilitate them. They also admitted to failure to discipline problem company agents and to implement effective anti-fraud policies and procedures.