Four Local Communities Receive Community Development Block Grant Funding

The Iowa Economic Development Authority (IEDA) announced on Monday that they have distributed $9.6 million throughout rural Iowa in the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) program. Out of the 48 applications, 32 were awarded grants, including Coon Rapids, Manning, Templeton and Schaller. The funds will allow these cities to offer a means for low-income homeowners to make housing improvements, to provide facilities for at-risk individuals and to make improvements to their downtown regions. Templeton will see upgrades to six units with their grant of $251,000. Coon Rapids and Manning both received $209,500 for work on five units in each of the communities and Schaller received $168,000 for rehabilitation of four properties. Region XII Council of Governments was instrumental in assisting these four with the application process. “These grants are just one more way we’re revitalizing our small communities across the state—turning them into places our residents are proud to call home,” says IEDA Director, Debi Durham. “As a result of these projects, thousands of Iowans will see rehabilitated housing, new community facilities and exciting enhancements in their downtowns.”