Elementary Teachers Encouraged To Apply Quickly For Funding From Project Jack To Be Used For Charitable Cause

The REALTOR Foundation of Iowa is encouraging fourth- and fifth-grade teachers to fill out applications starting next week for funding to be used on a charitable cause of their choice. The tradition of helping people in need, called Project Jack, began several years after six-year-old Jack Lindaman passed away from spinal muscular atrophy in 2010. Jack was known for wanting to make people happy and to help those around him despite his illness. The original project started four years ago with each student in Jack’s class at Alan Shepard Elementary receiving $100 to pay it forward with endeavors ranging from passing out roses to charitable donations. In the 2018 effort, selected classes will be awarded $250 to be used in a pay-it-forward style project. Online applications open at 6:30 a.m. on Monday, Jan. 8. and are expected to remain open for a brief time. Teachers from the same school are eligible to apply. Applications can be found by following the link included below this story.