Congressman King Named Recipient Of Prestigious Leadership Award

United States Congressman Steve King has been named the recipient of the 2018 Phyllis Schlafly Award for Leadership for his authoring of the Heartbeat Bill. King says this is a tremendous honor. “In my office, I have placed the portraits of two individuals on permanent display because of my admiration for them. One is of Norman Borlaug, the Iowan who led the Green Revolution that feeds the world. The other is of Phyllis Schlafly, whose leadership to advance conservative principles and to defend our Constitution’s text is surpassed by none. I will continue to promote and defend the values that Phyllis Schlafly and I share, and I will continue to work to get a vote on my Heartbeat legislation on the floor of the House in this session of Congress,” says King. Ed Martin, President of the Phyllis Schlafly Eagles, says she always referred to King as her “favorite” congressman. “His work for the federal Heartbeat Bill has certainly solidified his role as one of the main champions for unborn babies. Steve King is a principled leader, and we need a hundred more like him fighting for us in the Swamp,” Martin says.