Carroll Man Involved In Breda Shootings, Robert Morris, Arrested And Charged

The Carroll man involved in an April 12 shooting in Breda has been taken into custody and charged with willful injury causing serious injury and intimidation with a dangerous weapon, both class C felonies, and going armed with intent, a class D felony. Carroll County Sheriff, Ken Pingrey, reports on the morning of Tuesday, June 12, 48-year-old Robert John Morris was arrested and transferred to the Carroll County jail where he is being held on a $25,000 bond. The charges stem from that April incident in which Morris allegedly shot Breda residents, 35-year old Andrew Wempe and 39-year-old Jacob Helkenn, in the lower extremities during a verbal argument. Morris also reportedly received injuries in that incident that were unrelated to the use of a firearm. The Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation is assisting in this investigation.