Audubon Teenager Arrested After Threatening Students And Staff At Audubon High School

An Audubon teenager was taken into custody Monday after threatening students and staff at the Audubon Community High School. Police Chief, Matt Starmer, reports that an investigation and interviews with witnesses deemed the threat a serious one. Subsequently, a 16-year-old female former student was arrested and charged with threats of terrorism, a class D felony. She was then transported to the Juvenile Detention Center in Council Bluffs, where she will be held until her court appearance. Local law enforcement and school authorities say they want to reassure the public, students and staff that this was an isolated incident and there are no longer any threats to their safety. For those who have questions or concerns, there will be a police presence at the school this morning (Tuesday). Again, it was those who saw something and said something that are responsible for bringing the threats to the attention of the authorities, and those witness statements are greatly appreciated by all.