Action Plan To Deal With Sexual Abuse Allegations Against Sioux City Diocese Priests Released

After the recent release of information regarding sexual abuse allegations against two priests with the Sioux City Diocese, the organization is seeking to explain their process to address these issues. They provided an update late Tuesday, saying they acknowledge the pain and confusion of the parishioners and community with the recent news releases. They also detailed their current action steps, which include a review board made up of lay people who are working on a listing of credibly accused priests that will soon be released to the public. The four Iowa Bishops have requested time with Iowa’s Attorney General, and R. Walker Nickless will be meeting with Tom Miller on Thursday, Dec. 6. They are conducting reviews on how to handle the pensions of accused priests and are responding to all calls and messages from concerned parishioners. The plan says they “continue to have a policy of zero tolerance. If sexual abuse by a priest is substantiated, he will no longer function as a priest. If appropriate, we will work to have him laicized, submitting all necessary paperwork to the Vatican for review.” Anyone who has suffered or suspects abuse is asked to contact law enforcement and a victim’s assistance coordinator, whose contact information can be found below. The diocese is responding to Associated Press reports that say they continued supporting retired Fr. Jerome Coyle, who had admitted to sexually abusing as many as 50 boys during his service, which included Holy Angels Parish in Roselle from 1974 to 1977 and St. Brigid Parish in Grand Junction and Paton from 1977 to 1978. The second Associated Press report detailed a 2013 mental health incident in which current priest, Fr. Jeremy Wind, removed his pants and chased a women from the mall to her car in the parking lot.


Victims Assistance Coordinator at Mercy Child Advocacy Center, Angie Mack: 712-279-5610 or toll free at 866-435-4397