Vegetation Harvester Begins Fourth Year Of Operation At Black Hawk Lake

Black Hawk Lake will have an aquatic vegetation harvester operating for the fourth year in a row to manage plant growth in the waters near Lake View. The lake draws tourists, such as anglers and boaters, to the area and this year’s efforts to keep the lake accessible began in earnest just over a week ago. Lake View City Administrator, Scott Peterson, says they have developed a system to manage the vegetation in a way which benefits all users of the lake.

The harvesters are working from dawn to dusk most days. Peterson says things did not always work as smoothly as they are now.

Navigating around the machine while it is operating can be inconvenient, but Peterson says they have to constantly maintain the vegetation to keep the lake clear.

For everyone’s safety, be sure to give the vegetation harvester plenty of space while it is on the lake and keep an eye for warnings on recently applied herbicide near the shore.