Templeton Waspy’s Truck Stop Grand Opening Is Coming Soon

The Waspy’s Truck Stop in Templeton is in its final weeks of construction, and a date for a grand opening is expected to be scheduled soon. A groundbreaking ceremony for the site took place in June of 2016, and the owners, the Handlos family, are excited to get the first Waspy’s location up and running. Brian Handlos, a developer on the project, says they should have a date for the opening before long.

The approximately 10-acre plot at the intersection of Ivy Avenue and 305th Street will have a convenience store, grocery section, a 70-seat sit-down area, car wash and a large number of fuel pumps. There has been some talk the truck stop will feature a restaurant, but Handlos says that is not the case.

He indicated they will offer convenience-store food like pizza or sandwiches. According to Handlos, the area is meant to cater to people spending long periods of time on the road.

The Templeton Waspy’s Truck Stop is expected to be open for business in mid-May.