Sac City Police Department Advising Caution After Possible Abduction Attempt Monday Morning

The Sac City Police Department is warning children and parents to be wary after a possible abduction attempt at the East Sac County (ESC) Middle School this (Monday) morning. At approximately 11 a.m., authorities received a report that an older man, described as having grey hair, wearing a baseball cap and smoking a cigarette, was attempting to call two students over to his truck. The middle-schoolers did not answer his calls and reported him and his vehicle, a mid-2000s Chevrolet or Ford pickup, to school staff who then passed the incident on to law enforcement. The Sac City Police Department reminds parents to be sure their children know to never talk to people they are not familiar with and to never approach a strange vehicle. Children should, if ever asked to accompany a stranger, run away and tell the nearest adult or call 911 immediately.