Research Into One Campus For Kuemper Divided Among Subcommittees

The Kuemper Catholic School System continues the process of investigating the option of the possibility of a single campus. President, John Steffes, says that they have now formed subcommittees.

The creation of six subcommittees was not just a random number. A facilitator from an area education agency had come to Kuemper to guide the original committee, and he was able to bring to the forefront the top areas that need to be analyzed.

The number of subcommittees is also aligned with the school board’s structure.

The subcommittees will only look through that individual lens, and Steffes adds, they will then bring that information together for a complete report to the school board. Their goal is to have that ready by May or June of 2018. There will be another town hall held in February, and the public will be invited to that meeting to hear the progress being made by the various subcommittees.