NAACP And Community Leaders Planning Protest At Grassley Office In Des Moines

The NAACP and concerned Iowa citizens and leaders are planning a rally at the office of Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley at noon on Friday outside of his Walnut Street office in Des Moines. Iowa Citizens for Community Action Fund Board President, Barb Kalbach, says the rally is to protest the nomination of Jeff Sessions for Attorney General. Grassley, as leader of the Senate Judiciary Committee, will be overseeing the nomination hearings, and Executive Director of the Democracy Initiative, Wendy Fields, says Grassley has the ability to help stop the “great train wreck” that Sessions would cause if he was to become Attorney General. “The people refuse to put a crown of entitlement on the head of any nominee,” said NAACP President and CEO, William Brooks, “particularly one representing a direct threat to civil rights.” Protest speakers include Brooks, Kalbach, and Ken Sagar, President of the Iowa Federation of Labor, AFL-CIO.