Iowa To Receive $1.5 Million In EpiPen Settlement

Mylan, Inc., maker of the EpiPen and EpiPen Jr., have entered into a multi-state settlement, closing the case alleging they had knowingly overcharged taxpayers for the allergy injection drugs dispensed to Medicaid beneficiaries. Iowa Attorney General, Tom Miller, says the final settlement will include a $1.5 million payout to Iowa. “The facts of the case may be complicated, but the simple result is we’re holding Mylan accountable for deceiving our state’s Medicaid program in how the company charged for EpiPens,” Miller says. “While we allege Mylan overcharged the government, it really boils down to Mylan taking money from taxpayers that the company knew it wasn’t entitled to.” In this alleged misclassification, Mylan was able to pay lower state and federal rebates than it would have paid had it properly classified the drugs.