Carroll Supervisor Opinions Differ On Cost Sharing Of Breda Street Project

At the Nov. 27 Carroll County Board of Supervisors meeting, County Engineer, Dave Paulson, said he had been contacted by the mayor of Breda, Mike Schwabe, about some street work they are doing in conjunction with a bank construction project. Paulson says about 13 years ago, the county entered into a jurisdictional transfer agreement with Breda to take over the maintenance on the city’s portion of 120th Street that turns into Main as it runs through town.

Paulson adds the agreement states the county would be responsible for maintenance of 22 feet in the center of the roadway and the city of Breda would maintain outside that portion. The topic was tabled at that meeting and brought back this past Monday for discussion. Supervisor, Dean Schettler, says he too spoke with the mayor about exactly what was being done on that street segment.

The bank and city are willing to work together on updating of the storm sewer system, but are asking the county to help with the island and drainage solution. Although the county’s portion of materials is only about $3,000, supervisor, Neil Bock, says he is afraid of setting a precedent. He goes back to the section of the agreement that outlines the areas of responsibility, saying he has no problem with projects that are clearly under their control, but he also wants Breda to maintain theirs. Another supervisor, Marty Danzer, respectfully disagreed with Bock’s assertion that this would set a precedent. He believes that has already been done.

A motion was made on the issue to provide $3,000 for the project, which was approved on a vote of three in favor and two, Neil Bock and Rich Ruggles, against.