Associated Press Enters Facebook Fight Against Fake News

Image: Sites like fact check and report the likelihood that a news story is true or fake

The Associated Press (AP) announced yesterday (Thursday) that they are working with Facebook to help “debunk” fake news stories. On their own wire, website and app, the AP already includes the phrase “AP Fact Check” in the headline along with details on their efforts to verify the facts in suspicious stories. Now, when the AP or an associated fact-checking organization flags a fake story, Facebook users will be able to see that it is being disputed. They will then be able to follow a link explaining the questionable content and that flag will go with the story if shared by the Facebook user. In a memo to staff, Vice President for U.S. News, Brian Carovillano said, “It is our job-more than ever before-to guide people to legitimate news and help them sort out ‘fake news’ from the real thing. The AP has a critical role to play in fighting the scourge of fake news,” he added. “We are not going to transform ourselves into the fake news police of the internet, but we are going to be more aggressive about knocking down fraudulent stories when we can.” In the past several weeks, the AP has identified fake stories, such as President-elect Trump allowing a homeless woman to live in Trump Tower and a story that Hillary Clinton won only 57 counties in the U.S. presidential election.