U.S. On Track To Lead World In Ethanol Exports For Third Consecutive Year

The Iowa Corn Growers’ Association says that U.S. ethanol exports continue to make gains this year as worldwide demand for the fuel expands and diversifies. In the 2015/16 marketing year, exports reached 868 million gallons, the second-largest export on record. This puts the U.S. on track to be the world’s leading ethanol exporter for the third consecutive year. Analysts believe demand is being driving by other country’s efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to improve air quality. The Foreign Agricultural Service (FAS) issued a report in August revealing the market is also becoming more diversified over the last two years. Large volumes of ethanol were exported to China for the first time in 2015. China brought in 190 million gallons over the past year, versus just 14 million gallons the previous year. India remains a rising and major importer, consuming more than 66 million gallons of a five percent blend this year with a goal of 20 percent blending by 2017.