Research Shows Predicted Health Payoffs Of Switching From Sugar-Sweetend Beverages To Water

It comes as no surprise that cutting sugar-sweetened beverages from your diet and replacing them with water is healthier for you. A recent study, funded in part by the Drinking Water Research Foundation (DWRF), showed that swapping water in for eight-ounces of sugary beverage can cut out 15 to 30 percent of adults’ total energy intake. Current public health recommendations suggest less than 15 percent of your energy should come from fluids. According to Dr. Kiyah Duffey of Virginia Tech, cutting just one sugary beverage a day to water would cut 3.9 billion calories for 250 million U.S. adults. “In addition to the potential direct weight loss benefits, individuals may also experience improvements in blood sugar and cholesterol levels,” Dr. Duffey added, “We also know that most adults are at least mildly dehydrated and need to consume more calorie-free beverages like water.” The study confirmed several previously published reports that adults regularly drink at least one sugary drink per day and exceed public health nutrition guidelines.