JonBenet Ramsey Case Re-examined By CBS And Brings Back Memories For Carroll Resident

Melanie Miller of Carroll was a 911 Supervisor in Boulder, Colo. when Patsy Ramsey made the initial call to authorities about the disappearance of JonBenet.

Of all the cold cases in our country’s history, none has likely, stumped investigators nor created a media frenzy that still has tabloid journalists speculating more than the JonBenet Ramsey murder. On this, the 20th anniversary year of her death, interest has again been renewed and a Carroll resident, Melanie Miller, has found herself involved in a CBS documentary series about the case that will be airing on Sunday, Sept. 18 and Monday, Sept. 19. On Dec. 26, 1996, Miller was the supervisor for the night shift at the Boulder, Colo. Communications Center. One of her operators was working in the early morning hours when the initial 911 call came.

The police were dispatched to interview the family and review the two-and-a-half page long ransom letter. At this point, Miller said, the case was deemed a true kidnapping and officers left the scene to confer with the FBI. One Boulder detective, Linda Arndt, was left at the home, but many friends of the family came to offer their support, which contaminated the scene from the very beginning. It became even more so after JonBenet’s father, John, was asked to help.

Now, after 20 years, Miller says there have been many different twists and turns in this case. She says there were several reasons it galvanized a nation.

The case has also split law enforcement officials into two different theories of who had choked and bludgeoned JonBenet to death. One is the intruder theory. The other hits a little closer to the Ramsey home.

Three books have been written by insiders involved with the case, and the one by A. James Kolar, is the focus of the CBS series. Miller says Kolar was a Sgt. at the Boulder Police Department but had left to take a position as Chief of Police in Telluride, Colo. He was asked to come back and work on the cold case in the early 2000s. He located a key piece of evidence in that investigation. The 911 call had not been disconnected when Patsy Ramsey thought she had hung up the phone. Miller said there were three voices recorded in a conversation and Kolar was given a directive about the evidence.

Miller says she has gone back and forth over the years in her belief of who has been involved, and she is predicting that the CBS special is spot on and will leave no question of who is guilty and they will finally know what happened to JonBenet. Kolar has now worked with former FBI agent, Jim Clemente, and an investigator from Scotland Yard who have rebuilt rooms to scale, they have new witnesses and new tests. She is hopeful the evidence they show will help bring closure to the case via that evidence that might have been covered up, lost or destroyed. The Case of JonBenet Ramsey will air on CBS at 8 p.m. Sunday, Sept. 18. The full interview with Melanie Miller can be found below.

Full interview with Melanie Miller