Iowa Attorney General Adds Protections For Veterans

Iowa Attorney General, Tom Miller, announced last week a series of special consumer protection efforts designed to protect currently serving military members or veterans. “Our office is strengthening our year round consumer protection efforts for Iowans who serve or have served in the military, as they can be specially targeted by scammers and businesses that engage in deceptive practices,” says Miller. Veterans and active service members, due to their steady income and benefits, are especially susceptible to these efforts. To help veterans deal with these issues, the Iowa Attorney General’s Office has implemented service member or veteran identification on complaint forms, made changes to their website specifically designed to inform our military servicemen and women and brought on Karl Schilling, a volunteer and Vietnam veteran, to assist with complaints from veterans. To file a consumer complaint, contact the Attorney General’s Office by phone at 515-281-5926. Information on veteran specific scams and protection can be found by following the link included with this story below.


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