Carroll Police Department Graduates 139 In D.A.R.E. Program

The Carroll Police Department held a special graduation ceremony on Tuesday, Dec. 20 at the Carroll Middle School to honor the hard work of 139 sixth-grade students who have successfully completed the Drug Abuse Resistance Education, D.A.R.E., program. Sgt. Gary Bellinghausen led the ceremony that featured guest speaker, Mayor Dr. Eric Jensen, and readings from D.A.R.E. essay winners. First place essay winners were Sophia Polking, Jayda Miller, Landon Thornock, Andrea Sander and Makalei Kofron. Second place essay winners were William Teggatz, Jacie Sturm, Emma Klocke, Kaitlyn Tigges and Madeline Parrott. The D.A.R.E. program, which was started in 1983, brings students and law enforcement together in K-12 schools across America and in 52 other countries to educate, inform and arm children to deal with the drugs, violence, bullying, internet safety and other high risk circumstances that may become a part of the student’s life.

Last Name First Name Grade Teacher
Baldus Isabella 6 Friedrichsen, Renee
Ball Alec 6 Friedrichsen, Renee
Blair-Hershey Lillian 6 Friedrichsen, Renee
Bohac Brandon 6 Friedrichsen, Renee
Burnett Drake 6 Friedrichsen, Renee
Cleveland Kyelar 6 Friedrichsen, Renee
Danner Ashlee 6 Friedrichsen, Renee
Hackfort Andrea 6 Friedrichsen, Renee
Hahn Treva 6 Friedrichsen, Renee
Harrison Daniel 6 Friedrichsen, Renee
Hunter Trey 6 Friedrichsen, Renee
Kendall Taryn 6 Friedrichsen, Renee
Klocke Emma 6 Friedrichsen, Renee
Kramer Kailey 6 Friedrichsen, Renee
Ladwig Jack 6 Friedrichsen, Renee
Lundstrom Tyson 6 Friedrichsen, Renee
McCoy Hunter 6 Friedrichsen, Renee
Meiners Lydia 6 Friedrichsen, Renee
Olberding Ethan 6 Friedrichsen, Renee
Reiling Brooke 6 Friedrichsen, Renee
Schulz Seth 6 Friedrichsen, Renee
Schwering Macy 6 Friedrichsen, Renee
Sims Dominick 6 Friedrichsen, Renee
Svoboda Carlee 6 Friedrichsen, Renee
Thornock Landon 6 Friedrichsen, Renee
Toms Nolan 6 Friedrichsen, Renee
Wittrock-Enenbach Alayna 6 Friedrichsen, Renee
Wolf Chloe 6 Friedrichsen, Renee
Wuebker Grace 6 Friedrichsen, Renee
Aschinger Shayne 6 Handlos, Jodi
Beyerink Nathaniel 6 Handlos, Jodi
Butcher Gage 6 Handlos, Jodi
Clark Jeep 6 Handlos, Jodi
Hawkinson Ty 6 Handlos, Jodi
Heithoff Joewie 6 Handlos, Jodi
Hildebrand Jenelle 6 Handlos, Jodi
Lepe Hernandez Ulises 6 Handlos, Jodi
Malloy Jocelyn 6 Handlos, Jodi
Miller Dalton 6 Handlos, Jodi
Murray Samantha 6 Handlos, Jodi
Nehring Koby 6 Handlos, Jodi
Reineke Seth 6 Handlos, Jodi
Sander Andrea 6 Handlos, Jodi
Shield Keegan 6 Handlos, Jodi
Sigwalt Brayden 6 Handlos, Jodi
Slater Blake 6 Handlos, Jodi
Staiert Morgan 6 Handlos, Jodi
Stork John 6 Handlos, Jodi
Swinney Kiley 6 Handlos, Jodi
Thornock Madison 6 Handlos, Jodi
Tigges Kaitlyn 6 Handlos, Jodi
Vought Mason 6 Handlos, Jodi
Wagner Markus 6 Handlos, Jodi
Wiltse Liliana 6 Handlos, Jodi
Winfred Chloe 6 Handlos, Jodi
Blunk Brayden 6 Peters, Mark
Boell Maia 6 Peters, Mark
Boes Olivia 6 Peters, Mark
Bogue Miles 6 Peters, Mark
Bradley Michaela 6 Peters, Mark
Danner Rose 6 Peters, Mark
Davis Makinnon 6 Peters, Mark
Elkin Hunter 6 Peters, Mark
Fokalako Jazzie 6 Peters, Mark
Fritz Maliki 6 Peters, Mark
Gotto Tanner 6 Peters, Mark
Haakenson Avery 6 Peters, Mark
Haars Joseph 6 Peters, Mark
Heiman Blake 6 Peters, Mark
Kofron Makalei 6 Peters, Mark
Ladwig Wyatt 6 Peters, Mark
McGuire James 6 Peters, Mark
Mueller Javin 6 Peters, Mark
Obrecht Wade 6 Peters, Mark
Parrott Madeline 6 Peters, Mark
Reiter Keeley 6 Peters, Mark
Schaefer Kenedy 6 Peters, Mark
Schroeder Trevor 6 Peters, Mark
Schweitzer Dreylen 6 Peters, Mark
Sinnard Shay 6 Peters, Mark
Snyder Aubrie 6 Peters, Mark
Tunning Macy 6 Peters, Mark
Weeks-Stocker Aaliyah 6 Peters, Mark
Arkland Javid 6 Rowedder, Renee
Beckman Briana 6 Rowedder, Renee
Burbank Katie 6 Rowedder, Renee
Chandler Chelsea 6 Rowedder, Renee
Chessmore Noah 6 Rowedder, Renee
Cotton Steven 6 Rowedder, Renee
Gallegos Jireh 6 Rowedder, Renee
Grell Amber 6 Rowedder, Renee
Harkrider Zachary 6 Rowedder, Renee
Kelly Kylie 6 Rowedder, Renee
Kent Karsyn 6 Rowedder, Renee
McGuill Meghan 6 Rowedder, Renee
Miller Jayda 6 Rowedder, Renee
Onken Dylan 6 Rowedder, Renee
Petrzilka Haily 6 Rowedder, Renee
Reiter Kaine 6 Rowedder, Renee
Schable Camryn 6 Rowedder, Renee
Schoenfeld Kaden 6 Rowedder, Renee
Sinnard Alek 6 Rowedder, Renee
Sturm Jacie 6 Rowedder, Renee
Tigges Austin 6 Rowedder, Renee
Torres-Ruiz Ximena 6 Rowedder, Renee
Tunning Madison 6 Rowedder, Renee
Weber Macey 6 Rowedder, Renee
Wempe Abbigail 6 Rowedder, Renee
White Jack 6 Rowedder, Renee
Wieland Colton 6 Rowedder, Renee
Bakke Carly 6 Wall, Nathan
Baumgardner Brennyn 6 Wall, Nathan
Blum Jaxyn 6 Wall, Nathan
Bush Haley 6 Wall, Nathan
Corado-Melendrez Brandon 6 Wall, Nathan
Curtis Taya 6 Wall, Nathan
Dieter Andrew 6 Wall, Nathan
Gomez Felicity 6 Wall, Nathan
Gross Ava 6 Wall, Nathan
Hinners Emma 6 Wall, Nathan
Jackson Beyerink Allyssa 6 Wall, Nathan
Owen Marshall 6 Wall, Nathan
Polking Sophia 6 Wall, Nathan
Prine Vincent 6 Wall, Nathan
Richards Serenity 6 Wall, Nathan
Rummerfield Bentley 6 Wall, Nathan
Rupp Joplyn 6 Wall, Nathan
Schagt Rylie 6 Wall, Nathan
Schweers Bennett 6 Wall, Nathan
Shanks Hannah 6 Wall, Nathan
Sorenson Lucas 6 Wall, Nathan
Stark Connor 6 Wall, Nathan
Teggatz William 6 Wall, Nathan
Thein Kennedy 6 Wall, Nathan
Tiea Mohab 6 Wall, Nathan
Treadway Bryton 6 Wall, Nathan
Tunning Seth 6 Wall, Nathan
Wallace Taylor 6 Wall, Nathan