Carroll County Supervisors Approve Purchase Of Demo Truck-Style Ambulance

Carroll County Ambulance Services Director, Pat Gray, brought seven different ambulance quotes to the Carroll County Board of Supervisors Monday for comparison and review. The costs and vehicle types covered a broad range, with quotes coming in at just over $150,000 to over $185,000 for van and box-style vehicles. The base cost variances not only arose from the size and structural strength differences between the van and truck chassis, but also in the amenities that were included in each vehicle. Gray said their current fleet consists of diesel vans, but he wants to move in a different direction with this purchase.

Several of the options Gray presented were demo units, which often brought more amenities at lower cost for the county. The most economically priced truck option, a Ford 450 demo from Feld Fire with a base price of $159,510, was the one supervisors keyed in on. Both Neil Bock and Marty Danzer thought it was the better option, even though the interior layout is different than what is currently used.

Gray sealed the decision by pointing out that the box on these truck models could more easily be switched out to a new chassis in the future. The next decision the board needed to make was on whether to elect Power-LOAD or manual systems for on- and off-loading of patients. Gray explained the benefits.

The supervisors unanimously approved the purchase of the 450 demo model from Feld Fire in Carroll with the addition of the Power-LOAD system for a total of $180,360. Since this is in stock, Gray said he believed they could have it delivered next week.