Carroll County State Bank Helping Families Forecast College Costs

Access to a unique new tool to help families estimate the total cost of a four year undergraduate degree is now being offered by Carroll County State Bank. The College Funding Forecaster, developed by Iowa Student Loan, will use a student’s freshman year award packets to estimate costs, funding gaps and potential student debt. The estimator will help students better understand how their costs, aid and their own contributions change over the course of their college career and provides tips to reduce costs and potential debt based on personal circumstances. Carroll County State Bank is offering families the opportunity to use the College Funding Forecaster during a College Financial Aid Award Letter Night from 6 to 7:30 p.m. on Wednesday, April 6. Families should bring their award letter to the 6th Street location, where Iowa Student Loan staff will be on hand to assist with accessing personal results. Steve McCullough, president and CEO of Iowa Student Loan said, “Most people wouldn’t order an entire meal only knowing the price of the appetizer, yet that’s how many families treat the process of financing college. The forecaster provides an estimated total cost,” he said, “and the results provide families the opportunity to discuss and draw out a plan for financing the entire process.” The College Funding Forecaster and suite of other smart borrowing resources is also available for free by following this link.