Attorney General Reaches Agreement In Envelope-Stuffing Scheme

Iowa Attorney General, Tom Miller, has reached an agreement with an Arizona company who has been advertising that Iowans can earn thousands per week by stuffing and mailing envelopes. In the agreement, the company, Saguaro, of Scottsdale, will cease all Iowa marketing efforts. Saguaro was collecting up-front “application fees” ranging from $100 to $400 and claiming they would pay $10 each time a response was received from a mailing sent by that consumer. They stated that from $1,000 to $5,000 could be earned every week. Miller says these claims are deceptive and unfair. “We allege that Saguaro’s suggestion that you can get rich by stuffing and mailing envelopes is a distorted picture of what you can reasonably expect as a consumer,” Miller said. In addition to ceasing marketing, the company and its owners, Roddy Hunter and Franklin Schaffer, agree to provide full refunds to Iowans. Miller cautions Iowa consumers that ads for envelope-stuffing opportunities have been around for decades and almost always are money losers. Be wary of these types of offers, especially those that charge up front. Contact information to file a complaint can be found below.



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