Air Quality Suffering From Fires In Nebraska And Kansas

Carroll County Emergency Management is reporting they are fielding questions about the strange conditions outdoors today. As the day has gone on, area residents are seeing a haze in the air get thicker and a pungent odor, much like burning plastic, grow stronger; all a result of agriculture fires burning in northeast Kansas and southeast Nebraska. KETV in Omaha is reporting that areas of Nebraska have seen a spike in the air quality index, with Douglas County issuing an unhealthy air warning in the city for today. Mid-morning, the index in Omaha was recorded at 185, as compared to the pollution rating of 60 in Los Angeles. Because of these high levels, schools in the Omaha metro area are canceling outside activities as they continue to monitor air quality. KETV meteorologists say that windy conditions throughout the area today could help dissipate some of the smoke, but they are expecting hazy conditions to continue. These are expected to impact the Carroll area as well.  Currently, our region is rated in the moderate range for air quality with an index falling between 51 and 100. The air quality is considered acceptable, but there may be concerns for some people who are sensitive to pollutants. Additional information about the air quality issues can be found by following this link: Carroll County Iowa Emergency Management’s Facebook page.