Iowa League Of Cities To Open Municipal Leadership Academies

There are two upcoming training opportunities for the Municipal Leadership Academy (MLA), which is designed to help municipal officials effectively meet the requirements of their office. The program, which is presented by the Iowa League of Cities, the Institute of Public Affairs at the University of Iowa and the Office of State and Local Government Programs at Iowa State University Extension and Outreach, provides attendees with a comprehensive overview of Iowa municipal government. The first, part-two training will be released the first week of January and can be viewed online all at once or separately to fit within a municipalities orientation. Cost for this session is $60 and covers city budgets, basics of planning and zoning and “you got elected, now what?” Part-three training will cost $75 and includes the latest on policy guidance, economic development, community betterment, strategic planning and goal setting. For more information on these programs, contact Mark Tomb of the Iowa League of Cities at 515-244-7282, or follow the email link included with this story on our website.


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