City of Manning Exploring Natural Gas Options

The city of Manning will begin a project that will extend the reach of the Manning Municipal Gas services further into area counties. Mayor Harvey Dales provided an overview of the project to Iowa Economic Development Director, Debi Durham, at a recent meeting.

The line running south out of town to Puck Custom Enterprises has an anticipated completion date at the end of November, but that is not where the work ends. Dales said they are currently working to commission a feasibility study to look at taking the line south from Templeton to Audubon and also north to other small communities. City Manager, Dawn Rohe, said the city of Manning receives their gas supply from Northern Natural, but they are currently buying chunks of gas as it becomes available in anticipation of the growing need in their area.

There was speculation that there may be some surplus available with the closing of the Tyson plant in Denison, but Dales said a conversation with city leaders in that community revealed the expansions taking place will not open up the supply. At this time, the city of Manning is looking at ways to fund the estimated $50,000 feasibility study into completion of the three county loop.