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Multi-State Coalistion Reaches $102.5 Million Settlement With Opioid Treatment Drug Company, Iowa To Receive Over $1 Million

Iowa and a coalition of 41 other states have reached a nationwide settlement of $102.5 million with Indivior Inc., the manufacturer of the opioid addiction treatment drug Suboxone. Iowa will receive over $1 million as part of the settlement. Suboxone, initially developed as a tablet, is prescribed to aid individuals in recovering from opioid addiction. The lawsuit focused on Indivior’s introduction of a film strip version of Suboxone and alleged illegal use of “product hopping.” Product hopping involves making minor modifications to products to extend patent protections, thereby impeding generic drug manufacturers from entering the market and providing alternative, and often cheaper, treatment options. The state complaint also addresses Indivior’s use of false advertising and price adjustments to undermine the market for tablets and maintain its drug monopoly. These actions violated both state and federal antitrust laws. Attorney General Brenna Bird says, “Iowans deserve freedom and choice in the marketplace. This settlement sends a clear message that any company attempting to illegally control the drug market or any market will be held accountable.” As part of the settlement, Indivior must adhere to negotiated terms, including providing the states with information regarding all citizen petitions submitted to the FDA, the introduction of new products, or changes in corporate control. These measures aim to ensure that Indivior refrains from engaging in future unlawful conduct. Iowa joined 41 other states in the original lawsuit led by Wisconsin.

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