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Audubon City Officials Set Two Public Hearings For Zoning Changes During Their July Meeting

At Monday’s Audubon City Council meeting, officials set two separate public hearings for zoning changes in the community. According to City Administrator Joseph Foran, both zoning changes will help bring new homes to the community.

The zoning change for the triplex is at the request of Audubon County Economic Development (ACED). It would change empty lots in the Gleason Subdivision along 3rd Street from single-family residential to multi-family residential. At Audubon’s April meeting, officials met with developers from Bishop Engineering and Fireson Developers to bring affordable housing to the community. The second zoning change is a request from the developers. It will also change property along Pacific Avenue across the street from the hospital from single-family residential to multiple-family. Foran says Audubon has a significant need for new homes.

The Pacific Avenue development would build 35 units, with one 12-unit building, and the rest would be triplexes and duplexes. Community members have expressed concerns about the Pacific Avenue development. Both public hearings are scheduled for the city’s June 12 meeting. The hearings are open to the public and will allow residents to present their thoughts.


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