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Kate Zimmerman Announced As Whiterock Conservancy’s New Executive Director

Whiterock Conservancy in Carroll and Guthrie County is excited to announce the hire of a new executive director. Earlier this week, Kate Zimmerman was introduced as the nonprofit’s new leader. Zimmerman grew up on a small farm in Guthrie County, where her parents and grandparents instilled a love and passion for Iowa’s natural resources. Zimmerman says because of those experiences, she knew at a young age she wanted to work in a nature-related field.

Right out of college, Zimmerman was hired as the naturalist in Bremer County in northeast Iowa. After a short time in Bremer County, she moved to the director role for Ringgold County Conservation, where Zimmerman has been for the last 12 years. Zimmerman, who is from the Guthrie County area, says she is excited to return to the community.

Zimmerman’s first official day at Whiterock Conservancy was Monday. Zimmerman says another reason she took the job was because of the different opportunities Whiterock Conservancy offers.

Zimmerman looks forward to spreading Whiterock Conservancy’s mission, both locally and beyond. She encourages anyone with any questions or concerns to reach out. Those contact points can be found included with this story on our website.






Email: kzimmerman@whiterockconservancy.org

Phone: 712-790-8221

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