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Audubon City Officials Set Public Hearing For Fiscal Year 2024 Budget

Audubon city officials have scheduled the public hearing for their proposed Fiscal Year (FY) 2024 budget during next month’s council meeting. The hearing is open to the public, and comments will be received by those in attendance. According to City Administrator Joseph Foran, the city’s budget encompasses many different areas.

Like most cities, the bulk of Audubon’s expenses consists of salaries and benefits. Foran says the remainder addresses planned improvements throughout the community.

The City of Audubon expects to receive approximately $5.2 million in revenue, with expenses around $5.8 million. Foran notes the city will be dipping into their reserve fund from FY23. With the state making an error in property rollback, cities are expected to receive less than anticipated in property taxes. Foran says the council has a plan for that shortfall.

The public hearing is scheduled at city hall on Monday, April 10. Budgets are due to county auditors by April 30.

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