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Iowa Diesel Prices Dip Below $5 For First Time In Months

Fuel prices trended downward for the week as Iowans prepare to travel for Thanksgiving gatherings with friends and family. According to the Iowa Department of Agriculture and AAA-Iowa, the average price of a gallon of regular unleaded gasoline in the state as of Tuesday, Nov. 22 was $3.38, a 12-cent drop from last week and 23 cents higher than prices from a year ago. The national average came in at $3.64 per gallon, down 10 cents from last week. Retail diesel prices in Iowa dropped below five dollars for the first time in months with a seven-cent decrease on the week to $4.98 per gallon. National diesel averages remained 31 cents over Iowa’s at $5.29 per gallon. Wholesale ethanol held steady at $2.16. It was a different story for natural gas over the past week as prices at the Henry Hub reporting site spiked 81 cents to $6.65 per MMBtu.

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