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Monday’s Carroll Council Meeting Covers A New Hire, A Retirement And Employee Health Insurance Rates

The Carroll City Council will meet their newest employee, Code Enforcement Officer Rick Peugh, at Monday night’s meeting. However, City Manager, Mike Pogge-Weaver, says they will also be wishing a long-time leader with the Carroll Volunteer Fire Department a happy retirement.

A conversation that has already been broached with the Carroll County Board of Supervisors on an opportunity to capture funds to complete $1 million in Sauk Rail Trail repairs will be coming before the council as well.

Carroll County Conservation Director, Jason Christensen, says the odds of getting an allocation from the $5 million available is increased with local buy in. The city and county are being asked to pledge $100,000 each for a 20 percent total match. Another major topic of discussion is the renewal of employee health insurance for Fiscal Year (FY) 2022. Pogge-Weaver says there is a slight increase in their partially self-funded plan. However, one issue is they have not made a plan design change since 2000. They will review a two-year phased design impacting co-pays and office visits, bringing them in line with the market. As of the end of March, the city has around $1 million in the medical insurance fund.

They are also required to have on reserve an amount for their “run out” liability.

With the high reserve balances, the council could consider premium holidays for employees, which allows the city and employees to save money for a half or entire month without affecting rates. The meeting will convene at 5:15 p.m. in the City Hall council chambers, but will remain closed to the general public. Details on how to join or view the meeting as well as the agenda and packet of materials can be found by following the link included with this story on our website.


Link to meeting agenda, packet and instructions for joining or viewing meeting: https://www.cityofcarroll.com/2021-city-council-agenda-minutes

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