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New Technology And New Services Broaden Scope Of Surgical Care At St. Anthony

St. Anthony Regional Hospital reports a total of 7,500 surgeries were performed at their hospital in 2017, and says they are estimating the 2018 numbers to be even higher. In meeting the needs of area patients, new services and advanced technologies that have been added are partly responsible for the increased numbers. “The St. Anthony Surgical Center uses advanced laparoscopic and robotic technology, which allows surgeons to perform with more precision by using a small robotic hand,” explains Dawn Bonham, RN-BSN and Director of Surgical Services. “St. Anthony pioneered the da Vinci robotic technology in the region and has da Vinci-trained surgeons in multiple specialties.” She adds they are proud to offer this advanced technology that helps create shorter hospital stays, quicker recovery times and better patient outcomes. Twenty surgeons and many other specialists serve the region in elective, trauma and urgent surgical services as well as common general surgeries. In addition to the numerous specialty procedures that are done at St. Anthony, in 2018, they reintroduced manometry, an outpatient esophagus test to diagnose digestive conditions, and Bravo technology to monitor pH levels and acid reflux. They are also now using laparoscopic Nissen, a surgery to treat reflux and hiatal hernias. “This is a very exciting step for the Surgical Center,” Bonahm says. “The combination of manometry, Bravo and laparoscopic Nissen allows St. Anthony to provide access to needed care for the growing elderly population in the community.”

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