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Iowa Lottery Officials Respond To Sentencing Of Former Employee, Eddie Tipton, Tuesday

Former Iowa Lottery employee, Eddie Tipton, was sentenced to up to 25 years in prison on Tuesday for his role as mastermind of a multi-state lottery rigging conspiracy. Tipton, who was accused of installing malicious software that would allow them to predict winning numbers in Colorado, Wisconsin, Kansas, Oklahoma and Iowa says he was sorry for the trouble he has caused and the people he hurt, but Judge Brad McCall said he doubted Tipton’s sincerity. Iowa Lottery CEO, Terry Rich, released a statement following Tuesday’s sentencing, saying they have waited years for this closure. Rich adds that every organization faces challenges and tests, and this has certainly been one for them. “It’s disconcerting that someone who worked at a vendor organization within the lottery industry chose to betray the trust placed in him for his own personal gain. We’re glad that the judicial system worked and that this case has been solved,” Rich said. The conspiracy between Tipton, his brother, Tommy Tipton, and friend, Robert Rhodes, has been an important reminder to lotteries everywhere to continue to monitor and make improvements to their procedures and processes to stay ahead of those who will try to beat the system. Tipton’s sentence is to run concurrently with time he receives in the Wisconsin case. Tipton pled guilty to ongoing criminal conduct earlier this summer after a nearly six-year long investigation.

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