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Carroll City Council Tables Library Space Needs Analysis

Carroll, Iowa -- The potential Carroll Public Library discussion turned tense again Monday night as the city council talked with Bill Wilson of Himmel & Wilson, library consultants.  The city called Wilson and had him join the council meeting to discuss the potential “space needs analysis”.  The city hadn’t updated the study since 2005 and felt this would be a good first step towards determining what direction they may need to go in building or remodeling the library.  Wilson talked about his plans for the needs analysis and the process they would use.  The Carroll Library Foundation was set to pay $7,000 for the study.  After hearing the proposal city Councilwoman Carolyn Siemann wanted a few things added to the study.
Councilman Mike Eifler felt like the council was jumping the gun.
Councilmen Eric Jensen and Jeff Scharfenkamp felt they couldn’t do a good space study without knowing the size of collection they would be putting into it now and in the future.  After an hour and a half discussion the council tabled the contract with Himmel and Wilson until the next meeting so they could find out how much more it would cost with the additional work.  Mayor Adam Schweers wanted to know if the city would pick up the extra cost and Councilwoman Siemann says the library would have up to $20,000 available under a portion of its budget for this type of thing so they could cover the cost.  The entire hour and a half discussion is available on the website at the bottom of this story.
Full Council Audio
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