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Kuemper tops out Flag-a-thon fundraiser with donation

Carroll, Iowa -- Kuemper students got out of their uniforms and dressed-down on Friday for a fundraising effort lead by Principal Penny Miller. The money raised went to the Boy Scouts, Cub Scouts, and American Legion’s Flag-a-thon fundraiser. The idea started when Miller heard the live Flag-a-thon event on Wednesday during her drive back from a meeting. She stopped in and at the event which was still short 41 flags from its goal of 110 at the time. Miller thought Kuemper students would be up for the challenge to raise some money for the event, but she also had another reason.

Each student who participated in the dress-down day paid a minimum of one dollar and Miller, along with six students, stopped by Carroll Broadcasting this morning to donate a total $630.30 given by students and staff. Their donation now puts the Flag-a-thon over its goal of achieving funds for 110 flags new American flags which will hang from light poles in Carroll’s downtown area. Chad Jensen, who lead the effort for the Flag-a-Thon, says donations that exceeded the goal will be used to replace worn out and torn flags.
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