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Carroll 5th Grade Presents Information on a Dog Park to Carroll City Council. (full interview and presenation package)

Carroll, Iowa -- The 5th grade class from Adams Elementary in Carroll presented information to the Carroll City Council this week.  The 23 students began researching dog parks in January and the process the city would have to use to create one.  After gathering all the information they needed they practiced giving the presentation in Class.  Makayla Bueltel worked with a group of students on the types of trash cans and benches that would work for the park and helped put a petition together. 
Makayla was able to get around 10 people to sign the petition in favor of a dog park.  Joe McCartan feels dog owners need more space to be able to allow their dogs to run and play.  He says they studied two parks in Carroll and choose Northeast Park.
Along with deciding on a good location the class came up with rules for the park.   Lauren Snyder was part of the group that came up with the rules.  She says they looked at the rules for many different parks and took most of the ones they felt were good from the dog park in Marshalltown.  Snyder says the entire class helped put the presentation together.
She was surprised to find out there is a law in Iowa about dogs and who is liable for a dogs actions.  Eric Malcom helped work on grants including going to Purina’s website and finding which grants Carroll is eligible for.  He enjoyed helping with the fundraiser they held during the two days of teacher conferences.
Ashlea Arhenholtz teaches the 5th grade class and felt this could teach the kids many lessons they can use throughout their lives.
The students raised $2,901.13 during their fundraising. 

Full Interview

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