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Jim Copeland's Chicago Cubs Reports

Jim travels to Mesa, Arizona to report on Spring Training for the Chicago Cubs. He also files reports throughout the season.

Cubs Farm System Among the Best in Baseball

There is justification in claiming the Cubs now have the number 1 farm system in all of baseball. Perhaps not official but many of the major league teams along with the media are making that claim. What they all agree upon is that the Cubs are number 1...

Rebuilding continues in Chicago

The rebuilding process of the Chicago Cubs was very much in evidence last week as they parted with two starting pitchers Samardzija and Hammel bothwith ERA's under 3 runs per game for two highly touted young position players and a 25 year old...

Chicago Cubs 67 Games Into the Season

Statistics bear out the performance of major league teams. The Cubs have the third lowest winning percentage of all 30 teams. Only Tampa Bay and Arizona have a lower percentage. The Cubs are 11 games behind the Brewers who lead the Central Division of...
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