Seven Carroll And Kuemper Students Named All-State At IHSSA Speech Contest

Several Carroll (CHS) and Kuemper (KHS) students earned top scores while competing at the Iowa High School Speech Association (IHSSA) state contest this past Saturday in Carroll. Hundreds presented at the event, and seven local students were recognized as All-State nominations. All-State presenters from Kuemper include: Draven Haefs, Expository Address; Daniel Miller, Solo Musical Theatre; Mary Lawler, Story Telling; Sami Hays, Expository Address; and Lauren Macke in Solo Musical Theatre. Two CHS students also received this honor: Miles Millard, Reviewing, and Demedrious Lyons, Public Address. Of the more than 30 Carroll and Kuemper categories that advanced to state, 27 received a “Superior” or better rating from the judges. A list of these presenters and their scores can be found included with this story.


Carroll High School

Miles Millard Reviewing All-State
Demedrious Lyons Public Address All-State
Grant Meiners Radio News I
Jadon Henderson Acting I
Zach Shook Acting I
Carter Kovarna Acting I
Taydem Shoesmith Acting I
Miles Millard Interpretive Reading: Poetry I
Lily Ladwig Storytelling I
Ashley Brincks Storytelling I
Grant Meiners Solo Musical Theatre I
Zach Shook Improvisation II
Collin Schultes Spontaneous Speaking II
Nick Streit Spontaneous Speaking II
Lexi Ragaller Story Telling II
Emma Nelson Acting II

Kuemper High School

Draven Haefs Expository Address All-State
Daniel Miller Solo Musical Theatre All-State
Mary Lawler Storytelling All-State
Sami Hays Expository Address All-State
Lauren Macke Solo Musical Theatre All-State
Sami Hays After Dinner Speaking I
Draven Haefs Acting I
Elizabeth Kenkel Solo Musical Theatre; Prose I
Max Meyers Solo Musical Theatre I
Grace Meyers Storytelling I
Chloe Grote After Dinner Speaking I
Dominick Ervelli Improvisation I
Britnee Irlbeck Prose I
Matilda Pugh Acting I
Kira Parkis After Dinner Speaking I
Grace Meyers Literary Program I
Dominick Ervelli Acting II
Chloe Scott Poetry II
Kysa Auen Poetry II
Britney Bruch Literary Program II
Kira Parkis Original Oratory II